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Ringing like a bell.

Amidst all the pain this week, there was a fuck of a lot of action and showing up. I could have crawled in a hole and died. (It wouldn’t have lasted long. But still, I could have.) And I chose not to.

Instead I chose action because my progress doesn’t allow for anything else.

I’ve been steadily working on the garage. The thing I deadlined for July, is well on schedule to be completed before that. I’ve already followed through on donation runs and weekly trash removal. The gone stuff is gone. The progress feels really good and I’ve taken the time to pause and celebrate myself.

I’ve continued with my daily five to thrive, and tho I haven’t written pen to paper, I have my start today journal dreams. I listened to Rachel’s Girl, Stop Apologizing. I finished Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass.

I talked with R about how we can get her basement room going and I mapped out a plan and timeline in my head. I’ll get that on paper this week.

The thing I feel most accomplished about is six freaking minutes!!


The reason that feels so good is because it was so fucking hard and I risked initiating contact so I didn’t have to do it myself, and it actually made a difference. I risked the ask and the universe showed up for me.

Adventures in running, Uncategorized

I’m so much more.

Training day #….something. #5.

Back to running today. 15 on. 45 off. 30 minutes.



The weather was fair. No rain today! Dry ground. And my first ever 30 minutes!!

The universe challenged me again today. My neighbors were actually outside this time. My ego said, “Hey. Your neighbors are gonna be out doing yard work while you run. You sure you want them seeing? They could think all sorts of things about you and how you look running…”

And I said, “Yep. I’m good. Let them see. I could inspire them.”

Then with my music turned full blast, I ran my laps in bliss. I breathed hard and knew every breath was sending oxygen to my muscles. And I sweated and knew my body was properly cooling me. I took pride in every voluntary and involuntary thing my body did.

I absolutely love how this is challenging all my mindset work and I keep showing up anyway. Also, the example I am setting for my family–that I can have a dream and go after it–is priceless to me.


Touching the edge of her skin.

I’m doing Allie Casazza’s Declutter Like a Mother challenge for the third year in a row. I have lots of Allie stuff and she was literally the reason I got my house decluttered in the first place. A task that was no small feat, by the way. She taught me how to declutter and throw stuff away and make use of my space. Two years ago she changed everything for me.

I remember most of her principles and often redeclutter throughout the year, but it’s never as good–never as life changing–as when I do this challenge in January.

All of November and December I could feel all the clutter–all the stuff–bubbling over, and try as I might, I wasn’t adequately getting it out of my house and off my radar.

Wednesday I spent two hours doing the bathroom and hall closet. (This completely goes against her 30 minutes a day, I know.) She says to look at the room and decide what your intent is with it. I want a place that is clean and clutter free so it can be a place of peace. Honestly, that’s pretty much what I want from every space in my home.

Day one challenge was to throw away all the trash and stuff you don’t use in your bathroom. I did the hall closet too because that’s where the buildup goes.



Day two was supposed to be trimming down all the excess, except I don’t have 15 bottles of concealer and two dozen lipsticks because I don’t do the makeup thing, so it was moot. I was going to at least wipe down the counters, but yesterday was nonstop and I went through a bunch of paper clutter and just, no. I didn’t wanna and so I never made time for it.

I call bathrooms a huge win and the feelings I feel from tangible, kinetic productivity is immeasurable. The spaces are clear. The trash is thrown away with no extras lurking for later. I feel full in a contented way for the first time in a while.

Up next: the kitchen.