I started TectonicDraft as a place to rest my head. My writing has found home in several different blog sites, mostly starring my eating disorder, my family and my strange sense of humor. Nothing really has changed here with all that, but I outgrew the old sites. They each served an important purpose, some for longer than others, and then it was time for me to move on.

The first safe place I found to write served to honor my binge eating disorder and a desperate desire to rid myself of all things negative right away–as soon as possible–without delay–instantaneously. This worked out flawlessly and I never needed to blog again. Not ever. Obviously.

My last blog found a place in my heart for only a short period of time, and then I grew restless. While I do try to be the bright(ish) light amidst the monotone, it isn’t everything about me and all too quickly I found I needed to break away from that box and have a place where things could be both crappy and full of silver linings.

I started thinking about how the earth has all these tiny things happening all the time, deep down where no one can see them. All these tectonic shifts that allow for huge eruptions of change. I started thinking about how my life too has all these seemingly tiny, innuncuous, behind-the-scenes changes. Some of them are quietly happening to me, while most others I am tirelessly working to accomplish. Tripping over myself. Practicing all these death defying feats to love and be loved; to bring life and to be given life. A neverending work in progress. The story of my life in endless drafts.

And so here I write, while all the tectonic plates drift their way toward some beautiful picture yet to be seen, and my story unfolds one draft at a time yet to be read.