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Who I’m meant to be.

New goals met!! 30 second run/30 second walk. 20 minutes!! (5 min warm up/cool down)

*times will now include warmup/cooldown…probably…

Running for that long was so challenging! There were so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. My left ankle tendon throbs! Slow breathe in; slow breathe out. Follow through–heel to toe. Am I standing up straight? Do I have good form? Slow dowwwwwnn.

But also it is exhilarating moving my body like that! I can’t wait til jogging builds enough endurance that I can maintain long running strides.

Yesterday I decided I would do either 20 or 25 second runs, but at the last minute today I decided for 30 with a 15 minute duration. Five minutes into the run I decided I’d do 25 total with the warmup and cooldown. It felt so freaking good.

This week I commit to writing out a two week training plan. Today I downloaded the C25K app, mostly because I didn’t want to have to create my own plan. But their week 1 is run 60 seconds and I’m not there yet. So this week I’ll write out a plan for the next couple weeks and then hopefully I’ll be able to pick up their week 1 on my week 4.

I don’t have a solid timetable or deadline for being ready to do my 5K. Before summer’s end. For now I just want to run and get stronger and go for longer. I can’t convey how gratifying it feels that I already feel progress!

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I’m so much more.

Training day #….something. #5.

Back to running today. 15 on. 45 off. 30 minutes.



The weather was fair. No rain today! Dry ground. And my first ever 30 minutes!!

The universe challenged me again today. My neighbors were actually outside this time. My ego said, “Hey. Your neighbors are gonna be out doing yard work while you run. You sure you want them seeing? They could think all sorts of things about you and how you look running…”

And I said, “Yep. I’m good. Let them see. I could inspire them.”

Then with my music turned full blast, I ran my laps in bliss. I breathed hard and knew every breath was sending oxygen to my muscles. And I sweated and knew my body was properly cooling me. I took pride in every voluntary and involuntary thing my body did.

I absolutely love how this is challenging all my mindset work and I keep showing up anyway. Also, the example I am setting for my family–that I can have a dream and go after it–is priceless to me.

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No more false starts and no dead end.

Oh, Thursday, you challenge me so.

As a regular part of my lifestyle, I have an eating window. It’s typically noon to 7pm. I’ve been working out recently and it also is usually some time between 12 and 7.

Intermittent fasting isn’t new to me and I am also familiar with fasted workouts. I just hadn’t done one recently.

Today felt like a great time to do it!

I had started making my breakfast and suddenly I excitedly thought, “run fasted instead!” The sunnyish skies were starting to turn cloudy as well and I didn’t want to have to run in the rain and mud two days in a row.

The previous days were warm tho. Holy freaking hell, it had turned cold.

I’m out there in a tshirt and a jacket that is so thin, it might as well have been lingerie.

I start running.

Yesterday’s 20 minutes was so awesome, I’m certain I’m doing 30 today. At 10, I find myself reevaluating my expectations.

Because it starts freaking snowing.

I shit you not. But I run run run anyway. No way the universe is gonna break me.

I get to the 15 minute mark and I know I can make it to 20. I also know that when I get to 20, I will commit to 25.

At 16 minutes the screen on my phone goes dark and I can’t see to time the 15s/45s laps. Whatever. No biggie. I have a rough gauge. I run a few more laps and as I round the corner, I know I can check to see if maybe my phone is at 5%, which would explain the screen having gone dark.

Yep. My phone is dying. It illuminates long enough to show the 20 minute mark before powering off completely. Taking my music with it.

Mother. fucking. hell.

Now, a less opportunity-seeking woman may have crumbled at this prospect. It might have driven fear into the hearts of others. Some may have cried or called it quits.

I laughed.

Oh, I laughed so hard.

I see you universe. And I raise you. All in.

No music. No stopwatch. Snow falling around me. I ran the fuck out of that run.

At the risk of repeating myself here, I told you already–I’m fighting hard for this one.

Finally, my training wraps up. Exhausted, but proud, I head inside. Then the dogs freak out and it’s another 45 minutes before I can eat. Hilarity ensues as the lightheadedness makes my head swim.

I don’t mind. It added to the story that made up this fine Thursday of mine. May tomorrow be another amazing adventure!

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I’m done with sleeping.

I said I want to run a 5K and this weird switch happened in my head. Despite all the things I fear and all my insecurities, I don’t give a shit about any of that right now. I just want to run this 5K.

Hell, I don’t even care about running the 5K. I want to train for a 5K. I want to live this process and embrace it so fully, I feel consumed by it. My intention is for there to be nothing I’ve ever committed to more than this, apart from my family.

Last night I said I want this. It would have been so easy today to waylay it. To wait because I didn’t have the perfect training plan yet. Or the perfect running shoes. Or because R was going to run with me, but had to work on chem instead. All I needed was one tiny excuse to not get my ass out there.

But I’m a runner damnit and I will show up for myself. So I went out to the field wearing jeans and Chucks and I embraced that shit. I ignored the story in my head that the neighbors thought I looked stupid. I told myself instead the story of future Jill. Whose neighbors revere her for kicking ass every. damn. day.

My loose plan was to train for 30 minutes–15 second run/45 second walk. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. I ran around and played ball with S all last week! I could do this easy peasy, right?

Ha. That was unreasonably optimistic… 4 minutes in and I was dying and calling it quits in my head.

I thought about Dave Hollis though. And Rachel. I thought about my privilege and my commitment. Maybe I didn’t train for the 30 minutes I expected to. But I trained for 15. And that 15 is fucking huge! It is everything. It is ten more than my body thought it could give.

*I started the stopwatch late.

And I felt like I was fucking glowing after! I had fought for every second of that run and every cell in my body knew it. It was electric.

I will hold onto this as my first training experience and it will always be the story of how I started running after a lifetime of wishing.