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Who I’m meant to be.

New goals met!! 30 second run/30 second walk. 20 minutes!! (5 min warm up/cool down)

*times will now include warmup/cooldown…probably…

Running for that long was so challenging! There were so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. My left ankle tendon throbs! Slow breathe in; slow breathe out. Follow through–heel to toe. Am I standing up straight? Do I have good form? Slow dowwwwwnn.

But also it is exhilarating moving my body like that! I can’t wait til jogging builds enough endurance that I can maintain long running strides.

Yesterday I decided I would do either 20 or 25 second runs, but at the last minute today I decided for 30 with a 15 minute duration. Five minutes into the run I decided I’d do 25 total with the warmup and cooldown. It felt so freaking good.

This week I commit to writing out a two week training plan. Today I downloaded the C25K app, mostly because I didn’t want to have to create my own plan. But their week 1 is run 60 seconds and I’m not there yet. So this week I’ll write out a plan for the next couple weeks and then hopefully I’ll be able to pick up their week 1 on my week 4.

I don’t have a solid timetable or deadline for being ready to do my 5K. Before summer’s end. For now I just want to run and get stronger and go for longer. I can’t convey how gratifying it feels that I already feel progress!

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