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I’m marching on to the beat I drum.

In light of yesterday’s awesome, I bit the bullet and did day1 week1 of C25K!!


Holy fuck.

That was amazing and oww and amazing.

I gave myself an extra two minutes of walk time at the halfway point. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete the second half without it.

The second half was actually easier than the first, I think. You run 5 of 8 and then suddenly you only have three left and it flies. Craziest thing.

But I did it!!

And I did it in a neighborhood, with people passing and cars passing and a little girl (and her dad) who said hi and asked how I was while I was running and I still answered her back! I let them all be a witness to my greatness instead of feeling like they were all judging me.

Man. I am so fucking proud of myself for this run.


What separates me from you now.

The youngest munchkin and the youngest furball and I are taking the morning to watch Toy Story.


The kids are at their last Monday of school before winter break and this morning I dropped Harley off for her first visit to doggy daycare. I’m sure she’ll love it, but still I’m the nervous mom who is worried about her girl.

When we adopted her in August, she was heartworm positive. After three treatments, and a month of recovery, she is full of energy now and needs more running around than I can offer. I’ve heard great things about this place and have seen videos of the dogs swimming and running around, but even still, leaving her there and having her look at me like I was abandoning her was hard.

So this morning, the babe and the kitty and I are using the time to get some snuggling in. The dishes and house stuff can wait til later.