I can make all the tables turn.

My sweet girls taking over my bed.


And I got to do an unexpected walmart trip tonight with my favorite girl and her friend! That was fun. I wasn’t keen on the idea of having to go, but gosh, I like spending time with her.

I had a really great weekend. It’s also a four day weekend for the kids. I’ve genuinely enjoyed it so much. I’ll write about it tomorrow tho. I’m so tired. I’m gonna magazine peruse for pictures for my vision board for a little bit, and then pass out.


Silent but sure.

Despite being very cold, I changed out of my pj pants and put on boxers instead before getting into bed tonight. I learned last week when my pj pants were in the wash that my bottommost blanket is especially warmer when it’s directly against my skin.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor here somewhere. A life lesson perhaps?

It’s better outside your comfort zone? Changing it up can be good for you? Getting too comfortable can lead to missing out on better comfort? You gotta risk a little cold in order to find the warmth?

No idea.

It’s in there somewhere.