Breathe me back to life.

Today, day three, was the start of four days of kitchen.

I overachieved.

I was just going to do the dishes and cups, but each cabinet called to me and soon I had done an hour and a half of purging.

It felt soooooo good.

Allie said (quoting Nate Berkus),”be a ruthless editor” of your home. And so I took down the plates we never use and the extra glass bowls Chris hasn’t used and the extra cups, and said nope to all of it.


And then I moved onto the island cabinets and the pots and pans cabinet (’cause that one’s pretty easy) and then the side cabinet by the fridge said, “ooh, pick me! pick me!” and so I did. I also transferred Hazel’s dry food to an old cereal container and now it looks nice and put together.


The before pic I took of the pots and pans disappeared, so there’s only an after. But it features a photobombing Hazel, and she always makes for goodness. (Except she peed in my pantry today. So blargh a bit to that. But now I have a deep cleaned pantry, so a little less blarghidy.)



Isn’t the dry food container a nice touch?!

The island homed all the “excess” for a couple hours while I had lunch with a new friend. (Dude. I had lunch with a friend. I have a friend. You know… potentially.)


After I got home and made lunch (okay, so I met a friend for lunch, but we went to Subway and I don’t eaten gluten or dairy, so I went for the company, while she went for the company and the work lunch break) (which, while I’m derailing here, I want to add that I didn’t eat til after 3pm today and wasn’t hungry any of that time and drank more water today and generally just felt more connected to me instead of dependent on a connection with food. So that was really pretty cool. And…calming.) (This is also where I remember that my day started at 5:30 this morning and that is damn impressive now that I’ve remembered and stopped to think about it.)

Where was I? So many parentheses.

I got home and made lunch and then I picked up two weeks’ worth of recycling from the garage floor, so I could access the cabinets for all the kitchen excess. I moved all the island clutter to its new home through winter and now I have an amazing, chaos-less (for the most part) kitchen.

I have no idea what Allie will say to go through tomorrow. I’ll follow that if it pertains, and if it doesn’t, I’m going to organize and purge the other two upper cabinets and the third island cabinet that has somehow become the backup pantry. The overflowing open pantry drives me bonkers, but so does running out of noodles. So now I have bulk elsewhere. Always pick the lesser of the evils.

Okay, sleep for me now, after some much needed husband time.